Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt: A Guide for Absolute Beginners

Cracking a competitive exam where thousands of students compete for a job in a prestigious company, like WIPRO is tough. But it’s not as tough as it seems!

We understand the will of a student that wants succeed, and that’s why we’re coming up with an enriching Wipro Elite All India Mock Test that’ll surely prepare you to crack the contest in all possible ways.  

But before getting to the details, let’s first have a brief look at the details of Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt which is also known as the Wipro Elite NTH.


What is Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt?

The Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt is a golden opportunity for all the fresh engineering graduates across the country. The exam is hosted by Wipro to provide a chance to the students who are willing to become a part of the organization.  

Although, before applying for Wipro Elite, a student must satisfy the eligibility criteria:

  • Must have Passed 10th and 12th with 60% or above
  • Must have scored 65% or CGPA Equivalent to 65% or above in Graduation
  • Must have complete graduation in the year 2022
  • The candidate must be from B.E./B.Tech/ 5 years Integrated -MTech from CS/IT/Circuital branch

P.S. Candidates who have participated in the selection process held by Wipro in the last 6 months will not be eligible.

Why Should You prepare for the test?

“Practice makes a person perfect”, we all know this. But very few understand the true meaning behind it. One must practice the right way to be perfect!  

Yearly, thousands of brilliant minds compete for the positions offered by Wipro. To crack the Wipro Elite exam, one must practice in the best way possible, and we all know the greatest way: Mock Tests!

Practice for competitive exams with Conduira’s exclusive mock tests. This weekend, test your skills with the Wipro Elite Mock Test scheduled on 18th September 2021 (10 AM IST) - 19th September 2021 (11:59 PM IST).

The mock test will allow the students to understand the eligibility criteria and the mandatory steps involved in taking the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt Exam. Taking part in the event would give the students exposure to the kind of challenges they would face during the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt Exam.

Take up the Wipro Elite All India Mockup Test, here

Wipro Elite NTH Test Pattern  

The Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt online test is composed of three major sections. The duration of the test is 128 minutes.  


Wipro Elite NTH Test Pattern

Aptitude Test

This section evaluates the candidate’s proficiency in Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, and Verbal Ability. Logical Reasoning includes questions on inductive and deductive reasoning. Quantitative Ability covers questions related to basic, applied and engineering mathematics, whereas, the Verbal section evaluates the candidate’s vocabulary, grammar, and Reading comprehension skills.

Written Communication Test

This section evaluates the candidates’ essay writing skills. The given topics are general or related to current affairs. There might not be any word limit for the essay, but it is advisable to write around 100-150 words for the essay.

Online Programming Test

In this section, the candidate is given 2 programs for coding. Any one of the following programming languages can be used for the coding test: Java, C, C++ or Python.

P.S. Once the candidate clears the online test, they’re called for two interview rounds namely, Technical and HR interview.

5 tips to crack the Wipro Elite NTH 2022  

Numerous candidates who are eagerly preparing to get placed in the best companies can crack the Wipro Elite NTH 2021. But here are some tips and tricks to crack the Elite National Talent Hunt with ease:

  • Practice verbal abilities and basic grammar skills
  • Practice arithmetic calculations and mathematical concepts
  • Practice to dedicate only a specific amount of time to a particular question
  • Practice with mock tests, sample papers, and test kits
  • Practice a programming language extensively, so that you can choose between coding languages such as Java, C++, or Python

Practice for the Wipro Elite NTH 2022 with Conduira this weekend, 14-15 August and get ready to tackle the main exam easily.

How to attend the Wipro Elite All India Mock Test?  

If you have signed up for Job Prep, you can log in and go to your Daily Task List (DTL) where you’ll find more about the event.  

If you don’t have an account on Conduira, Sign-up for Job Prep – 6 months Free Trial to access all the events, hassle-free.  

Signup for the Job Prep course, here

**No credit card is required.  


Students who graduated in 2021 should definitely consider joining Wipro through the Elite National Talent Hunt. It is a great opportunity for fresh graduates to join a respectable company like Wipro with decades of market existence and experience.

One should take care when preparing for Wipro’s highly competitive event as more than 50,000 talented freshers will be applying and interested candidates must prepare well before the assessments in order to secure a place in this huge corporation.  

One of greatest way to practice for the Wipro elite exam is to take up mock tests, and we have it for you.  

Register for the upcoming Wipro Elite All India Mock Test to sharpen your skills and strengthen your chance to crack the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2022.

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