Why is Coding the Most Important Skill to Get a Job

Coding has now become the new normal when it comes to Global IT Hiring. Do you know that 1/3rd of the top 25 jobs on Glass Door ask for coding as a skill requirement?  

Coding is found to boost the growth of organizations around the globe. This implies that having knowledge in coding proves to be a key point in career advancement. Here are 6 points on how coding helps you build a great career:  

Debugging Expert

Learning how to code will help you work in certain areas which seem to be hard for a developer as well. Take Agile environment, the power of coding will help you fix bugs using trial and error method will make you a powerful resource.

Tech Literature

Having coding skills means being proficient in the tech world. This will help you open the doors of new opportunities in your work firm.

Know Your Tools

You would be working on different kind of tools during your work. If you come across a problem in your tool and you know coding, your day might get a lot easier.

Understand Your Designers and Developers Better

Say you are handling a business firm of your own and there is a team of developers and designers. With basic knowledge on coding, the language they use to take the work forward will not be gibberish to you anymore.

CEO + Coder

It is a well-known fact that eminent market leaders like Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk started as coders  

World Wide Communication

Just like English. coding has become a common language worldwide (more common than English?). If you are working for a large company like Microsoft, Deloitte and EY, you’ll come across programmers from different countries. Though the linguistic origin might not be the same, effect coding can be a mode of communication.

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