What is Conduira?

The name Conduira is derived from the French verb conduire meaning 'drive' and signifies forward movement and progress for all.  Conduira was set up in 2009 with the aim to positively impact lives.

We, at Conduira, believe that each young person, whether still in college, about to graduate or a recent graduate, has the potential: for career success, to bring about positive change to their lives, and to positively impact both the immediately surrounding communities and the world at large.

Despite this raw and untapped potential, in order to truly thrive, the young need a bit of guidance from time to time. We know this because Conduira was founded by teachers (Please note that our founders still teach on a day-to-day basis and take immense pride and satisfaction is being thus connected to the day-to-day challenges of being a student). While we know your struggles, we also know many of your seniors who faced similar struggles and who we helped tide over those very same struggles. These Conduira alumni have gone to do some truly wonderful things. To clarify, we are not talking only about lofty ambitions. We like lofty ambitions, of course. But we also know from real world experience that the career paths and life goals and achievements of our students are subject to a hundred real-life constraints. Therefore, we strongly encourage our students to define their own life goals, based on their individual reality, and help them break down this enormous challenge into manageable chunks and guide them to tackle each smaller challenge. They are then on their path to achieve their self-set goals: be it

finding a job, an internship, pursuing higher education in a school or university of their choice or keeping up to date of the various happenings in different sectors or industries through short, hands on or practical courses.

By now, you must have understood that all of Conduira’s efforts are aimed at helping you gain the exposure and the skills that the job market values or which institutes of higher education expect you to possess. We do this by helping you find internships, jobs, short courses, projects etc. In addition to this our AI-driven components of our Job Prep help you with the tackling your big life goal through manageable daily tasks. This module has been designed with the student as its center. There are feedback mechanisms, a variety of study aides and a community of other students against whom you can benchmark your progress.  

Given all of this, our mission is

to transform the life path of 10 million college graduates in the next 5 years. One life path at a time.

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