What are Big Corporates Looking For?

What are Big Corporates Looking For?

We are in the new decade of tech advancement and the gist of hiring process by top companies took some major transforms as well. What IT Giants (IT Corporates) now come across majorly are freshers with excellent campus skills. Good showcase of skills during the Tech Interviews can seal a good career deal.

Readymade Skills

From the words of Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO, TCS, twenty years ago, most of the freshers built their skills after they made it into the company. Today, freshers surprise the IT giant with skills to conquer hackathons, etc.

Considering what is said above, advanced skills is mandatory to tackle the hard competition.

Before and After TCS NQT

Few years ago, TCS way of recruiting was all about visiting different colleges in search of talent. The company could only hire from 200 to 300 institutes out of the 700 they typically explore. Now, with the new strategy of TCS NQT, the company is open to all the talent nationwide and could reach out to more than 2000 institutes.

Good Skill Interview = Perfect Placement

This means that with growing competition, it is necessary to score big at the interviews. Now you know that good skills in advance is a golden ticket, all you have to do is showcase them to the interviewer.

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