TCS NQT 2020 and TCS NQT 2021 – What Has Really Changed?

The global market is in the race of advancement. There is a growing demand for candidates with demonstrable, and industry-relevant skills.  

Getting a job with a big corporate isn’t a piece of cake without prior experience and high-level skills. TCS, a big name in the tech industry, is one of the most sought-after organizations for people interested in a tech career. That said, it’s not difficult to get into TCS even for freshers: one must only know the ‘how’.  

TCS recruits heavily through exams namely, TCS NQT (also known as TCS in-Campus), TCS Digital, and CodeVita.

What Is TCS NQT?

TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test) is a multi-level assessment to assess the skills of the candidate. However, the TCS NQT exam pattern does change every now and then. Until TCS NQT 2020, the exam pattern comprised only one Qualifier Test, followed by the Managerial and the Interview rounds.  Previously, on cracking NQT, you would have been hired as a Developer (Trainee) and nothing more than that.  

But what if you are aiming for a different position? Like an AWS Engineer or a Solution Architect?

TCS sensed an opportunity gap for the potential candidates and created a bridge between you, who are in search of a job in your domain of interest, and a corporate in search of you, for a role of their interest.  

And that’s how, TCS NQT 2021, got a complete makeover!  

Who Can Apply for TCS NQT?

- UG, PG, and Diploma students in their pre-final and final year

- Students with any degree and specialization/discipline

- Freshers with less than 2 years of experience

What changed with TCS NQT 2021?  

Unlike the previous NQTs (including 2020), TCS NQT 2021 redefined its qualifier test structure and implemented a complete revolutionary structure for fresh and passionate minds.  

TCS NQT is now loaded with assessments which include:


Cognitive Test  

Performance measure of cognitive skills in the areas of verbal, numerical, and reasoning abilities

Attitudinal Alignment (Psychometric Test)  

Psychometric Test to assess personality traits and dispositions relevant to the workplace

Subject NQT  

Performance measure of role-specific skills on the dimensions of knowledge and ability

Industry NQT  

Performance measure of the understanding of industry-specific dimensions

P.S. While A. A Test, Subject NQT, and Industry NQT are individual qualifiers which base on your interest, Cognitive Test is mandatory, to apply for the other three tests.

As soon as you get your NQT score, you can apply for jobs in other companies as well through TCS iON. So, if you’re looking for a career in the tech industry equip yourself with tricks to crack the NQT test with flying colors.  


Thinking about how you can do so? Let us help with that.


Conduira has been training students to crack the TCS NQT test and help them achieve their career goals. Our students believe the same.


“Before joining Conduira I was not good at Aptitude...But after finishing all the live lectures and test assessments,...I cleared TCS NQT 2020 and am an associate software engineer...”  

Arman Chand
Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun


“I opted for Conduira because so many people recommended it...My goal was to get placed in TCS and I achieved it...”  

Keerthy Reddy
Kakatiya Institute of Technology, Warangal

How Does the Change in TCS NQT Impact Your Career?  

With all the assessments on a single platform – TCS NQT, you will have the chance to give the Cognitive Test, qualify and choose your destination.  

The best part is – You can give your NQT as many times as you desire. Your assessment score will be valid for 2 years. This will provide you the opportunity to apply for other corporates in the industry.  

So here it is, TCS NQT redefined, what was once a single test is now a series of assessments that helps the candidates to evaluate themselves in a better way for their dream job. Likewise, your NQT score will help you get a chance to participate in TCS Digital. Although, we’ll get to TCS Digital, later on, let’s have a look at how you can crack TCS NQT with ease.  

NQT is around the corner, so, learn from the best faculty in the industry. You can start your preparation by attending the Live Classes which are part of our Placement Prep Marathon.

What is Placement Prep Marathon?  

Placement Prep Marathon is our campaign where a variety of workshops, mock tests, discussion of the mock tests, and live sessions will be held. If you’re looking for learning opportunities that offer hands-on experience, Placement Prep Marathon is a place to be!  

However, your package of opportunities isn’t limited to the Placement Prep Marathon, we also have a whole bundle of upcoming events.  

Live your passion every day with a great career!

How to attend the Placement Prep Marathon?  

If you have signed up for Job Prep, you can log in and go to your Daily Task List (DTL) where you’ll find more about the event.  


If you don’t have an account on Conduira, Sign-up for Job Prep – 6 months Free Trial to access all the events, hassle-free.  

**No credit card is required.  

Please watch this space/our blog as we will be adding a few more events to the Placement Prep Marathon soon!  

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