Placement Prep Marathon

It will soon be that time of the year when companies begin their massive annual recruitment drives. If you’ll soon be entering the job market, it is best to start your preparation now. In case you aren’t going to start looking for a job anything soon, please share this blog with your friends who will start their job search soon. It might help them.

Most coveted companies, such TCS, Wipro and Infosys, have their own methods for identifying candidates that they would like to give a job to. Some run coding challenges, while others have all-India level exams that filter out candidates. You must be familiar with names such as TCS CodeVita, TCS Digital, TCS NQT and Wipro Elite, InfyTQ and tests by companies such as Cognizant, MindTree and Accenture.

While the format of the tests differs slightly, at the core is the intention to test you on quant, verbal, programming and coding. As with any test, with a gameplan and deliberate practice, you can beat it. With these tests, you need a gameplan because there are thousands of your peers who are competing for the same (almost) limited set of positions.  

This year, to help you with your preparation, Conduira has designed a special program called the Placement Prep Marathon.  

What is Placement Prep Marathon?

Placement Prep Marathon starts from the 22nd of July 2021 and will run for a few weeks. During this period, a variety of workshops, mock tests, discussion of the mock tests and live sessions will be held. See full schedule below. You can attend one or more events.  

How to attend Placement Prep Marathon?

If you have signed-up for Job Prep, you can log in and go to your Daily Task List (DTL) where you’ll find the event. If you don’t have an account on Conduira, please sign-up for Job Prep – 6 months Free Trial in order to access the events. No credit card is required.

Please watch this space as we will keep adding more events to the Placement Prep Marathon.  
Placement Prep Marathon Schedule
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