IT Job Opportunities Jump Up Post-Pandemic

Job opportunities in the IT sector took to a major spike after the second wave of COVID. The latest analysis by Indeed showed 13% rise in IT employment across major IT cities in the country between September 2020 and September 2021. From 2019 pandemic to 2021, the country witnessed an overall of 26%.

Job Hike among Different Cities

Tech Hub of the country, Hyderabad witnessed a 10% rise compared to last year. Pune stands second with 11% rise. At first position stands Bengaluru with an almost 32% increase in IT employment.

Software Engineers in Demand

The analysis also showed that Software Engineers demand took a 9% jump, while Senior Software Engineer demand rose to 5%.  

Software Developers demand also grew to 7% and Application Developers to 5%. The growth of Full-Stack Developers demand is 4% this year.

Sashi Kumar, Sales Head, Indeed, mentioned that India is inclining towards a Digital Future with respect to the latest analysis. Tech jobs have been in huge demand pre-pandemic and continue to remain post-pandemic too.  

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