Finale Week Prep - 7 FAQs on Wipro NLTH which will make your life easy

With Wipro Elite NLTH less than a week away, it is now time to get familiar with questions that pop-up very frequently. Below are some of the FAQs on Wipro NLTH that can clear the air and help you concentrate on your final week preparation:

1. What is the compensation after qualifying Wipro NLTH?
Ans: On qualifying Wipro Elite NLTH, you will receive a salary package of Rs. 3.5 Lakh per Annum.

2. What happens after qualifying in the Online Assessment?
Ans. Once you complete the Online Assessment, you will be called for a Business Discussion, LOI process followed by the Offer Letter.

3.  What are the circumstances if a candidate has participated in any selection process held by Wipro before?  
Ans. Only a candidate who has gone through any selection process held by Wipro in last 6 months will not be eligible.

4. What is the Back Log Rule for Wipro NLTH?
Ans. One Backlog is allowed at the time of Assessment Stage. However, the offer will be subject to all backlogs being cleared by the end of the process.

5. Is there any service agreement that needs to be followed for Wipro NLTH?
Ans. Qualified candidate is subjected to 12 months post joining service agreement @ INR 75,000 on pro rata basis.

6. What is the designation a candidate will receive after qualifying in Wipro NLTH?
Ans. Candidates on acing Wipro NLTH will be selected under the Project Engineer role.

7. Want to get hold of last-minute tips that can help you ace Wipro NLTH?
Ans. Yes, this Saturday, 25th September, we have two live sessions on Last Minute Tips & Strategies to ace Wipro Elite NLTH. Register for the FREE Wipro NLTH Sprint to attend the Live Session – Click Here

Just one week away from Wipro Elite NLTH, fasten your seat belts!

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