5 Key Advantages of Digital Internships: Explained

That rumor circulating among your friends is that employers shortlist candidates based on the internship a candidate has done, Is not a rumor.

Why should you even do an internship?

Do you know that students who complete an internship have 85% higher chance to be employed in the first years after college?

Given the partial or full lockdown in different parts of the country, given the status of vaccination and given the unpredictable nature of the disease, companies aren’t offering traditional internships. In fact, internships, like regular employment is moving online.

Given that Conduira offers digital internships, we could tell you a thing or two about the digital internships.

Let’s first understand what are digital internships!

What are Digital Internships?

Given that technology, largely internet, gives the necessary infrastructure for remote work, internships too can be remote. Even if you’re travelling (not that you should in the Corona-era), you can complete your internship online as efficiently as you could do in face-to-face fashion.

Bonus! This makes you stand out from the crowd as an ideal candidate in the eyes of potential employers!

The demand for Digital internships has gone to the clouds. More than 37.7% of students consider DIs to be far more beneficial that ever, but where do you get one?  

If you’re looking for digital internships with organizations that could propel your career farther, Conduira  can be of help. Getting your dream job takes effort. And we at Conduira know it because, since 2009, we have been helping students to get that job.

Now that you know what digital internships are, you must be curious about  the advantages of Digital Internships, TBH!

What Can You Gain from a Digital Internships?

Digital internships are completely different from an internship in an office.  

No hustle and rush to go to the office, or worries of missing the morning bus! Instead, you have the comfort to learn and earn from your home. Although, the benefits of digital internships are not limited to just the comfortable environment of your home.

Flexible schedule

Digital internships not only offer the students an opportunity to work on whatever they like, but also allow them to work whenever they like. While juggling class assignments, part-time or full-time jobs, friends, and other obligations, you must be busy but digital internships have completely changed the game.

Hands-on experience

Usually, in an internship, you encounter smaller teams compared to a job in an organization. It helps you explore the business functions of a company in the big picture, from the front. Hence, making oneself ready to deal with the much-complicated organizational hierarchy of answerability.

Real-time projects

There is a high chance of working on real-time projects right from day one of your internship journey. You will receive a lot of insights on how to work with a core team and build your experience in a short time.

Develop in-demand skills

The job market is a race where everyone needs an opportunity to succeed, but not everyone gets it. The secret behind a successful career lies in your skills, and experience. Internships can help you gain these pre-requisites. It’ll make your job hunt a bit less stressful and perhaps even easy.

Build connections in the industry

During your internship, you will interact with full-time employees, some of them many years your senior. You could learn a lot of different things from them. Aside from their guidance, you could also build long-lasting professional connections who might then be able to find you a job or give you career advice when you most need it.

Where to look for Digital Internships?

You must know the answer to this one! Obviously, you would look for them on the internet, “The DIGITAL World”!

But wait! We have a little something for you!

We bring you Digital Internships: an opportunity to intern with interesting firms in an interesting array of roles. Through Conduira’s HYSEA Internship Fair 2021 you are sure to find an internship of your choice. Hurry! Registrations close on the 11th of August 2021! Go apply!  

PS: Also tell your friends to go apply

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