4 Trending Coding Fields and Career Opportunties

When it comes to jobs in the programming world, the branches are wide open. All thanks to the digital era, more than 50% of students in our country are eyeing careers in the programming and coding domain. Let’s look at 4 coding sectors that are trending with career opportunities.

  1. Cloud Computing
    The design and architecture of a market model depend on cloud computing. Good grip on Operating Systems like Linux, Unix or Windows along with coding in Python and Java is necessary.

    A Cloud Architect earns an average salary of INR 19L PA because of the demand.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    One of the most important sections of the IT Market is Decision Making. AI helps in predicting business insights and building strategy. Coding skills in different languages are needed to structure Machine learning algorithms.

    Around 2 million jobs were created this year and, average salary of an AI Engineer is around INR 8.5L PA.
  1. Data Science
    Data science helps in collecting and processing the data which is then, incorporated by different domains in the company. It helps analyze unstructured data to help in making strategies for market growth.

    By 2026, it is expected that Data Science will witness more than 10 million new jobs. And, the average salary for a Data Scientist is around INR 7L PA.
  1. Java Developing
    Java applications are used for testing, debugging and resolving issues by most of the companies. Billions of devices around the globe work on Java.  

    An average salary for a Java Developer is INR 5L PA.

Coding has become an essentiality to grow big in the IT world. You can be a good coder if you are consistent in it.  

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