3 Corrections to Make the Best Resume

Every word that goes on a resume decides your fate during job recruitment.  Prioritizing items on a resume is important to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Let’s go through these 3 corrections which will make your resume stand out during recruitments.

Big Block of Text

One of the most common mistakes that we do in a resume is trying to fit in everything that comes to mind and also, without a proper structure. Remember that the hiring managers might review hundreds of resumes every day and your resume should be an attention grabber.

Make sure you prepare a structured resume and specially focus on your skills which align to the job role you are applying for.

Unnecessary Personal Info

Showcase your achievements that make you a right fit for the job. Your experience which led to your career goals is important but save that conversation for the interview.

Focus more on the professional skills than on your personal profile.

Hobbies and Interests? Just a Chunk

Your hobbies will definitely make your resume and you an interesting person. It is a display of how good you balance between work and life. But, too much of it can also undermine the professionalism of the resume. Moreover, it is wise to mention about hobbies which are connected to the job role.

For example: If the role is of a content writer, you can mention about reading books, watching documentaries and how like to attend writing competitions.

Remember, your resume should sound exactly the way the interviewer would want it to be. It is normal to feel that you might have missed something but keep in mind, nothing should cover up your professional skills.

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