800+ online internships. Now on Conduira.

Crafting your dream career path is challenging in the best of times. Let’s now add the pandemic into the mix. While ‘online classes and online exams’ mean that you have had to adapt to a whole new way of learning (a power cut could mean that you can’t attend that important lecture), it also means minimal social contact (Zoom calls with friends does not replace the real thing). The only silver lining of this online move is that a number of firms are now open to online internships. This means you can apply to an internship in a city far away from where you live without having to worry about things like accommodation and food in a strange city. Of course, that widens the list of firms to which you could apply for an internship.

The Conduira-HYSEA Internship fair 2021

Conduira is partnering with HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association), an industry body, to bring you the Internship Fair 2021.

50+ companies are to float 100 + internship roles & 800+ internship positions

Note that if a firm is looking for 3 full-stack developer interns that would count as 1 internship role and 3 internship positions.

‍‍What is the procedure to apply to the online internships?
  1. Visit the Internship Fair'21 and read the eligibility criteria and responsibilities section of each internship [Also tell your friends about the internships available so that they too can apply]
  2. Pick out internship roles that interest you
  3. ‘Apply’ to the companies
  4. Go through the rest of the selection process. Note that the process might vary slightly from one company to another. So read the instructions/notes carefully for each internship listing.
  5. Get selected, start the internship and get a certificate upon completing the internship
‍Important dates to apply to the Conduira - HYSEA Internship Fair 2021
  • 22nd July 2021 Registration begins
  • 31st July 2021 Registration ends
  • 4th August 2021 Evaluation by companies starts
  • 14th August 2021 Internship Offers will be rolled out

If case you still have questions, please write to support@conduira.com and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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