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Internships give you vital understanding of the work place. They also give you an opportunity to get feedback from people already in the workforce.

Internships on Conduira can take the form of tasks and assessments that are done on the Conduira platform and which also integrate interactions with and feedback from companies

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How it Works

1. Select the Internship

Click on “know more” to check eligibility criteria

2. Click on “Apply Now”  

Fill registration form and Submit

3. Approval Process

Application approval/rejection will be based on company’s requirement/criteria

4. Internship begins

-Approved candidates would be undergoing the 4-6 weeks internship
- Students will be working on assignments/evaluation tests/live interactions with the company, etc.
- Students who meet evaluation criteria will receive internship certificate from company

5. COMPANY Interview

- Selected students will appear in an interview based on their performance during the 4 to 6-week period.
- Paid position (part time/full time) will be offered to students selected by the company

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Frequently asked questions

What is Conduira?

Conduira is your mentor every step of the way while you figure out your own career path and begin to make progress. Since 2009, Conduira has helped 2,00,000+ students prepare for the job market, get internships and prepare to get into institutes of higher education.

What is a (digital) internship? 

An internship gives you a flavour of what real-world work consists of. You stand to gain the experience of working in a professional environment as well as test if the role is a fit for you. It is common for firms to extend a full-time job offer to interns that they are impressed with. Note that internships hosted on the Conduira platform are called Digital Internship.

What is Job Prep?

Job Prep is an ML-driven module that helps create a learning pathway for you that is customized to you. This module helps you crack most aptitude tests as well as most tests of elimination that companies have. Job Prep also gives you the ability to apply to all digital internships and jobs on Conduira.

I want to pursue higher studies. Is there anything that Conduira can do to help me?

Yes, Conduira can assist you if you are interested in pursuing higher education. Our HighScore GRE helps you with your GRE preparation.

Who are the people running Conduira?

The founding team of Conduira is composed of people who have a combined experience of over 50 years in education. They have also attended some of the most prestigious universities in India. And all of them continue to teach and keep in touch with the student community

What should I do if I have a question that is not answered above?

You can call us on (040)42000123 or (0891)6677788 or write to us on