WIPRO ELITE Weekender (closed)

Wipro always seeks skilled candidates via the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt and this is your chance to start your preparation. This weekend, test how good are your quant, verbal, programming, and coding skills to ace the aptitude test of Wipro.


Students enrolled for Conduira's Job Prep Courses  

Why should you participate?   

Participating in the event allows the students to understand the eligibility criteria, mandatory steps that are involved to take the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt exam. Taking part in the event would give the students exposure to the kind of challenges they would face for the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt exam.

Details of the Event  

‍A two-day event that focuses on how to crack the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt exam.

Date & Time of the Event  

14th August 2021 (10 AM IST) to 15th August 2021 (11:59 PM IST)

Pattern of the Exam

Wipro Elite Weekender Test Pattern

The weekender exam would comprise of 4 sections, including:

Section 1: Aptitude

Section 2: Written Communication Test (Essay writing)

Section 3: Coding I

Section 4: Coding II

**Duration of the Test - 128 Minutes


The top 20 students will win Rs.1000 Conduira Online Vouchers.

How to appear for the Wipro Elite All India Mock Test?

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- Existing users of Conduira -Link

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